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1975 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Sherry Lye - Kamy Lye - Tameem Al Ayad and Raj Bahaudeen,
Together they formed the Band SKAR, and performed in the Hotels in Colombo and the southern coast.
To name a few, Cats Eye- Intercontinental, Little Hut- Mt.Lavinia Hotel , Trip Discotheque- Oberoi,
Akase Kade - Cylinco Hotel, Semiramis, .........are just a few to mention.......etc.

In 1978 SKAR got a 2 year contract to perform at the Little Hut, at The Mt.Lavinia Hotel.
In 1979 SKAR was joined by Noeline Honter who returned to the Island after a Tour in Damascus.
Dec 1979 , Paul Odiasse, a British Citizen who joined the Band to make it a quintett to take on the Wind section ,
Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals.

In May 1980, SKAR was offered a contract by the famous Swiss Music Agency "BUGRA PRODUCTIONS"
to Tour Switzerland.
And SKAR took the offer and was the first Sri Lankan Band to visit Switzerland, through the Music Agency "Bugra" .

"SKAR" ....LANDS IN ZURICH on JULY 21st 1980
and changes the name to :- COLOMBO COMPANY.

In 1984 the band got an oppurtunity to change the name of the band to "FAME The Band "
and was joined by Hussain Jiffry
to take on the Keyboards, who is presently in L.A. and tours with "Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey,
TOTO, Dave Weckl, Al Mckay & and the LA Stars (Earth - Wind and Fire) , Sergio Mendez ,
Tom scott, Jonathan Butler,Yanni ... just to name a few,...

FAME was performing in the Top Disco`s and Night Clubs in Switzerland , Germany and
Liechtenstein and was based in Bern,Switzerland.
In 1987 FAME The Band took off on their own and was working with a couple of
Swiss and German Music Agents like " Rent-A-Show " from the famous "Udo Jürgens and Pepe Leinhard".
Willy Kuhn and Walde ,........and by this time FAME was based in Blackforest, Germany.

FAME also had the opportunity in performing / backing with famous German / Swiss Artists such as
DJ BOBO, Wolfgang Petry, IBO, Waterloo & Robinson, Scott Mckenzie, Andy Borg,
Juergen Drews,Worlds Apart........

In 1987 FAME released their first CD "Still in love with you " with some of their own material.
Did very well in the German charts which sold over 10,000 copies.

FAME has been the first Sri Lankan band to put out their own meterial in English.
( Sri Lankan Sunday Times August 1989 ). CLICK HERE !!

In 1998 The Band Leader Sherry Lye , decided to stop Touring and form the DUO
with his brother Kamy, and called it "FAME The DUO"

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